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Aesthetic computing

Aesthetic computing 資傳二選修課 梁容輝助理教授
week 13学Fractal Art,进度够快的。 

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ChucK Performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’

In this famous canon by composer Terry Riley, each performer is given the
same set of phrases.
Each performer repeats each phrase a random number of times before moving
on to the next phrase. 

A single player keeps time by playing a pulse beat When all the players are done, the pulse continues for a while, and then stops.

ChucK port 11/2006 — Jim Bumgardner Original Perl Program 9/2004 — Jim Bumgardner With these settings, ChucK produces about 14 minutes of music. A more typical ‘In C’ performance is 20-60 minutes. Increase the min/max repetitions to achieve this…

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Processing ri Kurve

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CBGB, It’s All Gone.

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Processing Sudden Motion Sensor Library

an idea from students in my icm class (see Catherine’s “greedy game-animated sprite”), Daniel Shiffman developed a Processing library that grabs values from Apple’s sudden motion sensor. The library is a JNI implementation of Unimotion by Lincoln Ramsay.

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Nintendo DS 作 wireless VJ controller

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The Organizing Committee of MUSICACOUSTICA 2006 requests the pleasure of your company to present at the cocktail party which will be held on Monday, the 23rd of October at 19:30 at the Cafe of the China Millennium Monument in Beijing, and attend the Opening Ceremony and Gala Concert at 21:00 afterwards.
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chuck以前介绍过,当时还得在终端格式下进行操作,现在有了miniAudicle,experimental integrated editor/VM,确实方便很多。