ryoji ikeda


昨晚v2的25周年庆典,我想只是来看ryoji ikeda,他拒绝承认自己是表演艺术家,演出时只能看到他的data matrix.

ryoji ikeda对于技术十分迷恋,这点很西方化,又追求诗意的展示方式,虽然已经常年生活在巴黎,还是保留了浓厚的东方情节。技术的细节如同原形设计同样难以控制,更何况是要做到诗意,这必然摧残着艺术家的每个夜晚,我们也是一样写程序就开始失眠,ryoji ikeda在细节上的控制已经达到一个高峰,理性的程序构成与诗意效果的结合,在克服技术鸿沟后变的如此自如。他更愿意称自己是艺术家,极力去除个人形象在他现场作品中的影响,部分人认为他总是在播放DVD。

Rules of Engagement

The SNACK & SURGE Brunches create a performative and gastronomic theatre of operations addressing political, technological and artistic questions relating to the poetics of power. We invite the DEAF audience to kick off their day pondering the aesthetics, actions and media of resistance and critique. Part hang-out, part culinary experiment, SNACK & SURGE intends to be a caress for the palate, an opener for the mind, and a rebelliously festive wake-up for the mood.

Rise and start your day deliciously: biting at the poetics of power!

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todaysart at d.e.a.f.

A cooperation between Dutch Electronic Art Festival and The TodaysArt Festival brings you on one night the best out of three countries devoted to electronic music, video and experiment. Five distinctive performances form a festival of its own kind. Starting with an electronic and acoustic performance by The Hague’s POW Ensemble, followed by an onstage dialogue between audio and video by the groundbreaking Berlin duo Rechenzentrum, the evening builds towards a real and rough Detroit experience with a live performance by the motor city’s best kept secret Scan 7 and a DJ performance by Siuli K.O., all visually intensified by Dutch/German video artist Remco Schuurbiers (Club Transmediale).

location: Arminius (church), Rotterdam, www.arminius.nu
time: 22:00 – 02:00
tickets: € 10,- (reservation required via www.deaf07.nl)


WiiMote ri Sc

今日购入 Wii 右手手柄 并进行了简单的测试 看家庭录影在这里

只使用了简单的两个声音文件做播放处理, 后来测试了sc自制合成器的的控制也没有问题。很容易控制,特别适合喜欢筛力明但又没钱烧的朋友们。

最近我班的阿角同学 将 测试视频的wii控制 期待ing

NDS, WiFi, MIDI, Serail

(image from http://www.natrium42.com)

DSerial has its version 2 out now.

“It is a card that provides USB client, serial and GPIO ports as well as a 2D tilt sensor. It enables you to interface NDS to MIDI keyboards, servos, sensors, GPS receivers, computers and more.”

It simply turn NDS into an interface with touching panel.

If you wanna play wifi, DSmidiWifi. Just skip DSerial, controlling via WiFi.

With the oldskool hand made MIDI cable, you can connect DSerial with instrutment like syntherizer, keyboard or midi-in enabled devices. But you need a bit basic electronics to make a interface between it. Step by step instruction is here:


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好人daito最近项目不少,10台macbook pro同时开发阵势磅礴。
还有daito Nintendo Wiiremote 送上。

LOSS Livecode Festival

  Sheffield, UK — 20-22 July 2007
  in association with Access Space, TOPLAP and lurk
  When we improvise music, we are creating music while it is being performed. “Live Coding” is the creation of software while it is being executed; the software in turn generating music or video.
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The Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) is an international and interdisciplinary biennial that focuses on art, technology and society and is organized by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, in Rotterdam.

DEAF presents a wide range of programme segments, including, of course, a large exhibition of interactive artworks and installations. There will also be concerts, performances, seminars, workshops and an academic symposium. The festival is characterized by a thematic approach. Its aim is to bring current developments and themes around art in our technological culture to a diverse audience.

DEAF is one of the most important international festivals focusing on art and media technology, and it can be regarded as a showcase for research for and production of new media art (some specially commissioned).

This festival in Rotterdam is the ideal place for representatives of various networks to meet and inspire each other, and for international critical debate to take place.