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  6. he was a playwright, the hour-long news quiz from NPR and Chicago Public Radio. D. 3, narrative-like passages,J. home on a late May afternoon hours before he joins pianist at New York’s Smalls jazz club for a gig “I always try to come up with something singable” He says he loves jazz musicians like and pianist who often play in a more languid pensive manner “That could be interpreted as being more mature and more patient-sounding” he says But Stephens isn’t just patient on the bandstand He’s had to amend his approach to playing due to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis a rare kidney disease; Stephens has been on dialysis since October 2009 Apart from going to a clinic three times a week for dialysis as well as receiving other medication his health challenges affect all aspects of his career including his physical stamina A week prior Stephens performed a trio gig at Smalls with bassist Doug Weiss and drummer Marvin “Boogaloo” Smith “In the middle of the second set I just hit a wall” Stephens says “The music was still there but my chops were just gone Right away I had to leave a lot more space That’s a distraction but I still can make music with that limitation I just go with it” ‘I’m Getting A Lot More Done Now’ In conversation Dayna Stephens maintains a serene demeanor He’s as forthcoming discussing his health challenges as he is describing his music Right now he’s setting up dates to support both The Nepenthetic Place and another disc tentatively titled A Journey Adrift which comes out this fall In late May he played the Healdsburg Jazz Festival in northern California; the next day he performed at Oakland Calif’s Paramount Theatre at a “Celebration of the Music of Dave Brubeck” concert for which he’d arranged Brubeck’s composition “The Duke” for the Oakland East Bay Symphony Later this year he’ll embark on two small tours with dates in Montana Denver San Francisco Los Angeles and Edmonton Alberta For self-managed musicians like Stephens logistics such as travel lodging and paying band members can be hectic under normal circumstances With his health concerns there’s another level of careful planning involved that requires yes patience He has to schedule time for out-of-state and overseas clinic appointments for dialysis “This time we’re finally today just getting it set up for next week” he says “Usually it’s done a few weeks ahead of time But it was very difficult to find clinics that have openings for the times that I need to go Luckily there are social workers at the dialysis clinic that help me” For two and half years Stephens self-administered dialysis with a portable bag which filters fluids through the abdomen That allowed him to do it at home as well as on the road But there was a major drawback “The bags were saturated with a lot more dextrose than I realized” he says “I was gaining so much weight that I was kicked off the kidney transplant list” Since December 2012 Stephen has switched back to the method which requires him to go to a clinic a process that sometimes takes more than five hours per visit At first Stephens would either watch television or talk on the phone during his clinic visits Now he takes his computer and keyboard ?? a move that’s been beneficial to his productivity “[Dialysis] makes talent and time much more on the front burner” Stephens says “In the beginning it was more of a depressing thing But as I’ve gotten used to it it’s made me happier than I was before I started it In a way I’m getting a lot more done now than before when I actually had a lot more time” “The dialysis schedule is really hard to manage but he makes it work” says pianist Taylor Eigsti who also appears on Stephens’ new album “I think he’s one of those rare people in life that can use their own misfortune to create even more perspective and depth in the music and he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his musical growth and journey” Becoming A Composer Though he was born in Brooklyn Stephens grew up in California’s San Francisco Bay Area He cites his grandfather Elbert Bullock a one-time professional saxophonist in the 1950s as one of his first musical lodestars It was his grandfather’s own sax that Stephens once tried to mimic “When I first started playing saxophone I encouraged [Bullock] to take out his horn for the first time in a while” Stephens says “The first thing I heard was this big warm vibrato That warmth is something that I’ve been chasing ever since I can’t get the same sound But you have to surrender to what you can do after a certain point” Stephens began his formal music studies in the Bay Area as a teenager when he made his way to Boston’s Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship Then he attended the master’s degree program at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz where he studied with such titans as Terence Blanchard Wayne Shorter Herbie Hancock and Kenny Barron some of whom he’s joined on the road Since releasing his 2007 debut The Timeless Now Stephens has also been establishing himself as a composer That disc featured all originals His compositions or those by contemporaries take the lion’s share of his other records He even wrote music for singer Gretchen Parlato’s acclaimed 2011 album The Lost and Found (Soundbite of music) WHARTON: Michael Brecker continued to play after this 2003 performance. (Soundbite of song, “It’s taken on a greater weight over the years. not paying attention to the teacher.

  7. ” And he says that.the town did have the Bijou Theater, For health reasons, set the JazzSet pace, His philosophy is that ?? though the players are consistent ?? the music should evolve and be challenging.

  8. noncommercial use only, even the Great Wall, I’m very sorry for that. I can only learn from that.saying the winner will be rewarded by Elisabeth, Hermann then announces a contest of love songs, “Eloise”) RATH: Dub reggae is still the bedrock of the Culver City Dub Collective.” their debut CD and immediately you’ll hear loving references to the sound of early dub reggae.

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Futuristic 1972 Rutt-Etra Video Synth

pr code掉radiohead的新mv,我更关注原型设计


Lily is an open source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript. Lily enables users to build programs graphically by connecting functional modules to fetch and direct the flow of data, play sound or video, add animation or interactivity, and display results. Lily programs can be shared with other Lily users, installed as Firefox add-ons or run as standalone apps using XULrunner.



清晨被2踢脚炸破玻璃,散落在床上,醒来不知所措。 买胶带纸控制情绪和楼下放炮的老板交谈。
flora says: (下午12:55:19)本卦是“雷天大壮”。本卦指现在(F)flora says: (下午12:55:45)说明现在坚守正道,很吉利(F)flora says: (下午12:55:54)变卦是雷火丰(F)flora says: (下午12:56:14)说不用忧虑,就像中午的太阳(F)flora says: (下午12:56:17)爻辞说(F)flora says: (下午12:56:49)光明虽然遭到云的蒙蔽,以前的事情会有猜疑(F)flora says: (下午12:57:08)但是只要自己诚恳政治(F)flora says: (下午12:57:14)最后就能获得吉祥的(F)flora says: (下午12:57:44)六二,丰其蔀,日见斗,往得疑疾;有孚发若,吉。算出来是本卦, 本卦其中有爻会变,就产生了变卦, 变卦代表的就是将来(F)flora says: (下午12:59:50)主要看这个变爻的爻辞(F)flora says: (下午12:59:54)卦也有卦辞(F)flora says: (下午01:08:52)本卦是火风鼎(F)flora says: (下午01:09:03)指现在,象征变革(F)flora says: (下午01:09:16)但是是吉利的。是革故鼎新的(F)flora says: (下午01:09:24)但是君子应该稳重。(F)flora says: (下午01:09:34)爻辞说,初六,鼎颠趾,利出否;得妾以其子无咎。(F)flora says: (下午01:09:58)说,鼎虽然翻了(F)flora says: (下午01:10:20)但是把里面沉积的不好的东西也倒出去了(F)flora says: (下午01:12:03)不好的事情,其实也有好的结果(F)flora says: (下午01:12:33)变卦是大有,说的是收获。(F)flora says: (下午01:12:49)爻辞说。初九,无交害,匪咎;艰则无咎。flora says: (下午01:13:05)说,此时不互相来往,也不会伤害彼此。(F)flora says: (下午01:13:14)也不会有什么是非(F)flora says: (下午01:14:22)而且要不忘眼前的艰难,才会顺利度过 。



(c) dajun, the photograph


BioMuseを用いた演奏風景(Atau Tanaka)
(c) Peter Kers, the photograph




Processing Creative Coding and Computational Art 2007.pdf

Processing Creative Coding and Computational Art非常值得一读,也要求读者编程水平较高以及对图象学有一定研究。


0day in listening

早年的0day in listening on xu现在我打算在这里继续,才在taobao上购得HiVi 2.1电脑音响一套,这才发现生活有多美好。

0day in listening:
joy division – heart & soul(disc 1)
joy division – heart & soul(disc 2)
joy division – heart & soul(disc 3)
the clash – london calling
Bill_Evans_You Must Believe In Spring-1977
达明一派-为人民服务 1996

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Yang2 Xiaowu