Le Synth Prince V3

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vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

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SuperColldier 3 for Windows

SC3-Complete version 02 (build 16.05.2006) This is a complete Package of SC3 and the SwingOSC GUI extension (v0.40). You do NOT need to install Python.
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JCollider is a java library to build clients for the SuperCollider server architecture. While staying rather compact, it provides a lot of the functionality found in the SuperCollider Language (sclang) application. JCollider uses the same concept of mirroring the server (scsynth) objects on the client side as sclang, and its API is fairly similar to classes found in sclang. Some additional GUI helper classes are provided.


Osc patch


Illposed Software — ObjC OSC
基于Osc写的,with some helper functions to make talking to SuperCollider3 a little easier。

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The IEM proudly announces the release of the CUBEmixer (v1.0.1), a 3D sound mixer!

CUBEmixer is the 2nd generation of the higher-order ambisonic environment for spatial reproduction of sounds.

A release package can be downloaded at sourceforge.

The CUBEmixer is currently used to drive the IEM CUBE (for those who don’t know it: the IEM CUBE is the iem’s concert hall equipped with (among others) a 24 channel loudspeaker hemisphere for 3d audio projection).

CUBEmixer is based on pd-0.39.2 (might run with pd-0.38) used externals/libraries:
aconnect (linux only), iem_ambi, iemmatrix, iemlib, zexy (source code
available in pure-data’s cvs hosted by sourceforge)
popup, iemgui (source code delivered with project)

Gaussian Blog

SuperCollider is 10 years old

SuperCollider, a real time synthesis language for the PowerMac, is now
available for sale. For more info see the FAQ below and get the demo version.
The price and how to order is at the end of the FAQ.

the SuperCollider FAQ :

*** What is SuperCollider?

SuperCollider is an environment for real time audio synthesis which runs
on a Power Macintosh with no additional hardware. SuperCollider features:
a built in programming language with real time incremental garbage
collection, first class functions/closures, a small object oriented
class system, a mini GUI builder for creating a patch control panel,
a graphical interface for creating wave tables and breakpoint envelopes,
MIDI control, a large library of signal processing and synthesis functions
a few of which are found nowhere else, and a large library of functions for
list processing of musical data. The user can write both the synthesis
and compositional algorithms for their piece in the same high level language.
This allows the creation of synthesis instruments with considerably more
flexibility than allowed in lower level synthesis languages. Since it is
easy to create control panels and graphic displays, SuperCollider is well
suited as a tool for teaching various synthesis techniques.
SuperCollider reads Sound Designer II and AIFF files and writes
Sound Designer II files. It can input and output audio from either the
Sound Manager or streamed from/to a file.
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oscP5 osc for processing

oscP5 is an osc implementation for the programming environment processing.
andreas schlegel sojamo提供,完整的documentationexamples


 Carnivore大玩具,和Processing也有良好的兼容性,它将监听某个特定局域网内的所有数据互联行为,然后把他们提供给一系列被称为“Carnivore Clients”(食肉动物客户端)的人机交互界面,最后变成动画或其他可视媒体。