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ChucK Performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’

In this famous canon by composer Terry Riley, each performer is given the
same set of phrases.
Each performer repeats each phrase a random number of times before moving
on to the next phrase. 

A single player keeps time by playing a pulse beat When all the players are done, the pulse continues for a while, and then stops.

ChucK port 11/2006 — Jim Bumgardner Original Perl Program 9/2004 — Jim Bumgardner With these settings, ChucK produces about 14 minutes of music. A more typical ‘In C’ performance is 20-60 minutes. Increase the min/max repetitions to achieve this…

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Processing ri Kurve

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Processing Sudden Motion Sensor Library

an idea from students in my icm class (see Catherine’s “greedy game-animated sprite”), Daniel Shiffman developed a Processing library that grabs values from Apple’s sudden motion sensor. The library is a JNI implementation of Unimotion by Lincoln Ramsay.

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Nintendo DS 作 wireless VJ controller

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chuck以前介绍过,当时还得在终端格式下进行操作,现在有了miniAudicle,experimental integrated editor/VM,确实方便很多。



Psycollider (build 26 August 2006)

This is a complete Package of SC3 and the SwingOSC GUI extension (v0.41). You do NOT need to install Python.

0) unpack it somewhere

1) run the vcrrt.msi installer (Note: needs latest servicepacks and updates)

2) run Psycollider.exe

3) have a look at the …

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Lusco-Fusco in Birmingham: Paul Dirac Party

Uploaded Image: DiracLuscoFusco.jpg

Paul Dirac at a SuperCollider workshop in the early 1930s.

Done at sc Symposium
Video Documentation by redFrik [direct]
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Max/MSP/jitter 專家李岳凌主持 教程中譯 最新消息 學習指南 資源引導 創作訪談 歐陸見聞 祕密技巧 獨門 patch

XML parsing and formatting

Features for parsing, processing and formatting of XML documents in SuperCollider are provided by the classes DOMDocument, DOMNode and related DOM-classes. The Document Object Model (DOM) is a standardized set of interfaces for representing XML documents in an object-oriented structure, making them handable for processing with an object-oriented programming language. Here is an implementation of the DOM concepts for SuperCollider.


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