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Futuristic 1972 Rutt-Etra Video Synth

pr code掉radiohead的新mv,我更关注原型设计


Lily is an open source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript. Lily enables users to build programs graphically by connecting functional modules to fetch and direct the flow of data, play sound or video, add animation or interactivity, and display results. Lily programs can be shared with other Lily users, installed as Firefox add-ons or run as standalone apps using XULrunner.



清晨被2踢脚炸破玻璃,散落在床上,醒来不知所措。 买胶带纸控制情绪和楼下放炮的老板交谈。
flora says: (下午12:55:19)本卦是“雷天大壮”。本卦指现在(F)flora says: (下午12:55:45)说明现在坚守正道,很吉利(F)flora says: (下午12:55:54)变卦是雷火丰(F)flora says: (下午12:56:14)说不用忧虑,就像中午的太阳(F)flora says: (下午12:56:17)爻辞说(F)flora says: (下午12:56:49)光明虽然遭到云的蒙蔽,以前的事情会有猜疑(F)flora says: (下午12:57:08)但是只要自己诚恳政治(F)flora says: (下午12:57:14)最后就能获得吉祥的(F)flora says: (下午12:57:44)六二,丰其蔀,日见斗,往得疑疾;有孚发若,吉。算出来是本卦, 本卦其中有爻会变,就产生了变卦, 变卦代表的就是将来(F)flora says: (下午12:59:50)主要看这个变爻的爻辞(F)flora says: (下午12:59:54)卦也有卦辞(F)flora says: (下午01:08:52)本卦是火风鼎(F)flora says: (下午01:09:03)指现在,象征变革(F)flora says: (下午01:09:16)但是是吉利的。是革故鼎新的(F)flora says: (下午01:09:24)但是君子应该稳重。(F)flora says: (下午01:09:34)爻辞说,初六,鼎颠趾,利出否;得妾以其子无咎。(F)flora says: (下午01:09:58)说,鼎虽然翻了(F)flora says: (下午01:10:20)但是把里面沉积的不好的东西也倒出去了(F)flora says: (下午01:12:03)不好的事情,其实也有好的结果(F)flora says: (下午01:12:33)变卦是大有,说的是收获。(F)flora says: (下午01:12:49)爻辞说。初九,无交害,匪咎;艰则无咎。flora says: (下午01:13:05)说,此时不互相来往,也不会伤害彼此。(F)flora says: (下午01:13:14)也不会有什么是非(F)flora says: (下午01:14:22)而且要不忘眼前的艰难,才会顺利度过 。



(c) dajun, the photograph


BioMuseを用いた演奏風景(Atau Tanaka)
(c) Peter Kers, the photograph




Processing Creative Coding and Computational Art 2007.pdf

Processing Creative Coding and Computational Art非常值得一读,也要求读者编程水平较高以及对图象学有一定研究。


0day in listening

早年的0day in listening on xu现在我打算在这里继续,才在taobao上购得HiVi 2.1电脑音响一套,这才发现生活有多美好。

0day in listening:
joy division – heart & soul(disc 1)
joy division – heart & soul(disc 2)
joy division – heart & soul(disc 3)
the clash – london calling
Bill_Evans_You Must Believe In Spring-1977
达明一派-为人民服务 1996

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