25 Recordings: How to be a true Recording Artist/On The Art of Self Recording

Nuna Moosy

1. Record the sound of an empty recording studio. 30 dBA noise level expected.

2. Record only sections of a live session according to your personal algorithm of choice. You might or might not let whom you record know the formula inadvance.

3. Hang around rehearsal rooms. Who wants polished recordings of signed bandsproduced to perfection?

4. Outside of someone else’s headphones. Ever been stuck on atrain/tube/plane/bus/planet when it seems you are the only person to forget their personal stereo? Why not make an environmental recording of all thosestreams of tinny nonsense?

5. Only record the quietest parts below a threshold from radio transmissions.

6. Engineer the nth order recursive recording of recordings.

7. Copy a recording through n analogue generations. Extract the original. Repeatwith the residual.

8. What does Scanner get up to? Bug him. Hear him scanning others in thisrecursive scan.

9. Steal other people’s recording equipment and record them with it.

10. Re recording great recording errors.

11. Releasing a cover version before the original’s official release date is allowedby the new wave of digital piracy.

12. Record the person recording you and other tiresome meta moments.

13. Transmit live from the transmitter’s radio shadow.

14. Rerecord all your best recorded bits and hope for something more mundane.15. Allow a cumulative transmission delay of a day or more as you broadcast fabricated news for two days ahead.

16. Only whilst submitting audio to the Singalong.com web site does the site returns audio from another singer.

17. Be the first to target new audiences! Beam your messages to stars likely to support life.

18. Bug the graves of great old recording artists

19. Hold your audio statement in an eternal delay unit just out of reach

20. Remember the game where you have to keep adding sections of track so the train doesn’t crash? Do this with sections of delay line for a feedback loop.

21. Buy a cello and an electric pickup and amp with prior training on neither. Spend ten years of intense study perfecting your amplification technique.

22. Take a hacksaw to your speakers to improve their distortion capabilities.

23. Record nobody, artfully.

24. Record records- just lying there in their sleeves.

25. Record yourself setting up your recording equipment. May requirebootstrapping through progressively more powerful recording devices, or the help of a friend.

Some of the above may or may not already have been converted into sonic art.Apologies to anyone who tried one of these and isn’t credited. Such is the modern composing situation with all us monkeys and our typewriters that I’d be amazed if I’d got any original suggestions free of co-creation. Where necessary, I record it is myintention to record other people’s recordings of these.

1 probably comes under JC’s 4’33”

5 is by Matt Rogalsky

6 is Alvin Lucier
22 Discussed on plenty of audio mailing lists.

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Futuristic 1972 Rutt-Etra Video Synth

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BioMuseを用いた演奏風景(Atau Tanaka)
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0day in listening

早年的0day in listening on xu现在我打算在这里继续,才在taobao上购得HiVi 2.1电脑音响一套,这才发现生活有多美好。

0day in listening:
joy division – heart & soul(disc 1)
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the clash – london calling
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达明一派-为人民服务 1996

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